We take care of the management of your accounts receivable and bad debts

Do you have debtors who owe you money? Are you waiting for payments? Are you still waiting for rent payments?

Senibor Collection Agency take care of the management of indivual or commercial bad debts and recovery. Our specialists in collection manage the level of solvency of your accounts receivable, uncovered cheques, unpaid contracts and bills.

Get your money back

Save your time and energy. Free yourself from exhausting debtors and stop wasting your time with dormant and bad debts. Our specialists in recovery manage your accounts receivable and debtors and work to get your money back. Be preventive with background credit check or commercial investigation.


Our investigators work entirely in accordance with the law and with fully transparent manner. We apply strict policies to ensure that we uphold a commitment to personal integrity and honesty, and to ethical and legal behaviour.


Our investigators handle confidential information with discretion and respect for others.


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