TERMS AND CONDITIONS This page presents the terms and conditions that apply to any online purchase of Seniors products and services. Please note that additional terms may be added depending on the specific product or service purchased. It is the responsibility of the buyer to read and understand the terms and conditions and additional terms and conditions applicable.

SENIBOR is used to represent the identity of the company and its employees. Senibor is a collection agency specializing in investigations, audits, references and bad debt accounts management.

BUYER means the customer who purchases a service through a service request form, a quote or the online purchase platform.

ONLINE PURCHASE defines any expense incurred by acquiring a service using the online purchase platform. An online purchase is deemed complete if payment has been made by Senibor. Senibor reserves the right to cancel or modify any online purchase. If this is the case, the buyer will be informed. No additional charges will be levied on the credit card of the buyer without prior authorization if this amount exceeds the original planned amount when purchasing online.


Terms of Payment and Billing

PAYMENT METHODS Senibor accepts the following payment methods: bank transfer and credit card payment.

CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE The indicated service charges are in Canadian dollars, are valid at the signing of the agreement and are subject to revision without notice. The payment methods, costs and conditions of purchase of services are subject to the restrictions applicable by Senibor.

INVOICING Senibor invoices the buyer according to the costs initially foreseen at the time of the purchase. The invoice may be revised upward if there are additions to services such as a change in payment term, an extension of time, or any other change, if applicable.

DEPOSIT In case of deposit for certain services. Any deposit is non-refundable in the event of cancellation and not transferable to another person, to another use of the service, to another period of purchase or to another customer.

MULTIPLE PAYMENT PAYMENT: If the purchaser has received a multiple payment authorization, the payment deadline provided and the payment amount will have to be respected. For this method of payment, Senibor favors payments by credit card.

FINAL PAYMENT Senibor requires the final payment of the invoice as well as the full costs incurred, 30 days before the date of use of the service.

PENALTY FEES Penalty fees may be added to the invoice if applicable. These fees are an integral part of the billing and are added to the total price of the bill.

CHECK FEES WITHOUT BOTTOM A $ 25 NSF check fee may be added to the invoice if applicable. These fees are an integral part of the billing and are added to the total price of the bill.

LATE PAYMENT FEES Late payment fees of 1.5% of the total balance price to be paid may also be added to the invoice if applicable and with each late payment of 15 days. These fees are an integral part of the billing and are added to the total price of the bill.

IN CASE OF NON-PAYMENT If the buyer does not pay in full the fees charged within the prescribed time, services may be blocked, not offered or canceled. The buyer will not be able to benefit in full from the services initially planned during the purchase.


MANDATE OF SENIBOR : Senibor has the obligation to transmit the reports and the remainder of the money collected, varying according to the agreements.

PURCHASER’S MANDATE It is the buyer’s responsibility to: read, understand and consider the terms and conditions of this agreement and service providers, to assume the risks associated with other services, ensure that travel documents are compliant and valid, learn about applicable and applicable laws and regulations, and inform and adapt to conditions and standards.


Conditions of Modification or Cancellation

NOTICE OF CANCELLATION OR AMENDMENT Any modification or cancellation must be mentioned by the buyer no later than the date of confirmation of the signed bid provided by Senibor and is considered only upon receipt of a confirmation of receipt sent by Senibor.

BUYER’S RESPONSIBILITY Any changes or cancellations may result in penalties for which only the buyer is responsible for the full costs incurred.

UNUSED PRODUCTS OR SERVICES No refunds will be granted for non-authorized services.

UNUSED PRODUCTS OR SERVICES No refunds will be given for unused services.

CANCELLATION BY PURCHASER In case of cancellation, service fees and deposits are not refundable. Penalty, bottomless check or late payment fees charged or resulting from this cancellation are not refundable. Other fees charged are refundable only if the specific terms and conditions of the products and services permit. Otherwise, Senibor will not be able to refund the costs. For example, in the case of cancellation of a service from a partner or supplier, the cancellation policy may require a minimum payment or total costs incurred and can not be refunded.

CANCELLATION BY SENIBOR Senibor reserves the right to modify or cancel a product or service. If this is the case, the buyer will be informed.

CANCELLATION BY A PARTNER OR SUPPLIER In the event of the cancellation of a service, product or service offered by a partner or supplier, Senibor can not be held responsible for any loss, damage or expense incurred by this modification or cancellation. For example, if an activity or a flight is canceled, only the buyer is responsible for the costs incurred. Senibor can not be prosecuted or held responsible.

FORCE MAJEURE Senibor is not liable for any failure to perform its obligations and for any loss, damage or additional costs resulting from delay, change, cancellation, modification, other illness or malaise, mortality, accident, inconvenience, theft or loss of personal property, natural disasters or bad temperatures, supplier bankruptcies or any other unforeseen factor or event beyond the reasonable control of Senibor.

Privacy Policy

Personal information is collected with the consent of the sponsor and is used only for the proper processing and monitoring of the service offer, the reservation and the after-sales service. Consent is automatically recognized when the respondent completes a service and / or purchase request. The information is stored on secure media, paper and / or computer and is destroyed after the prescribed retention period. Under no circumstances will personal information be disclosed to third parties. Personal information may be provided to affiliate partners only if required for the proper processing and tracking of the offer of service, booking and after-sales service.

Security Policy

If you buy a pay-per-view service online, you will use Senibor’s secure online payment system. We are bound by this partner’s security standards and procedures. If you do not know Senibor, know that it is a system that has been heavily used online for several years and is reliable, secure, reliable and confidential. Your credit card number will not be retained or transferred to third parties.

These terms and conditions as well as the conditions referred to and referred to constitute the entire terms and conditions.